Welcome to Axenya

Plugging Latin America into the future of medicine

Axenya’s digital therapeutic solutions take advantage of game-changing next generation tools and services to expand the physicians’ toolbox, enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery, make medicine more personalized and precise, and provide a new standard of care.  

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We are at the verge of the Third Wave in digital health

Wave 1 brought exercise and wellness applications and devices that better informed people about their lifestyle. Wave 2 was focused on applications to solve administrative tasks in the medical office and enable teleconsultations.  

Wave 3 is starting to bring us disease-specific apps that provide true medical and therapeutic value.  

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Welcome to Axenya

Third wave applications hold incredible promise for chronic disease management

Wave 3 apps can monitor and collect data outside of the clinic, in homes and workplaces.  They use innovative technology to turn patient data into useful information and suggest courses of action. They facilitate connection and integration along the patient care journey, with tools and services that can provide a breakthrough in the effectiveness of chronic disease management: always-on and patient-centered.

Our Process

There is no single device or app that will deliver
complete benefits to patients

Axenya allows third wave applications to interweave into a complete care solution through four-steps:



Axenya aggregates digital health apps & devices to conform a comprehensive, unified and coherent offer for each condition



Axenya connects into the healthcare system stakeholders and gatekeepers, ensuring a consistent set of data and the profeessional consideration of it in the context of the encompassing patients' history and clinical plan



Axenya integrates data into insights relevant to each stakeholder, in ways that fit their workflow and informs their decisions



Axenya is supported by a comprehensive clinical and behavioral research platform that ensures consistent clinical outcomes and provides a permanent feedback loop for developers and doctors

Algorithms, biosensors & AI cannot replace physicians

But doctors that passionately embrace digital technologies will certainly replace those who do not

Axenya´s benefits

Axenya builds disease-specific digital therapeutic solutions on a common platform that can connect different actors, tools and services seamlessly, and integrate smoothly into care delivery programs.  

For Patients

Axenya provides easy access to proven, integrated tools and services that support patients in their management of chronic disease , providing feedback, control, prevention and treatment, in constant communication with care providers

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For Care Providers

Axenya brings together next generation solutions to help doctors and other health professionals expand their toolkit, expanding care beyond the clinic and allowing them to provide medicine in a more personalized and precise manner

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For Partners

Partnering with Axenya enables medical technology companies to bring innovative digital health solutions to Latin America, more easily

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